SMIT is a design company founded on a new approach to developing sustainable technology.

We are currently taking orders for the first commercially available version of Solar Ivy, a solar energy product that looks and behaves like natural ivy on buildings.

Solar Ivy is a solar energy system whose design reflects the natural growth of ivy on building and in nature. Flexible, modular, and customizable, Solar Ivy can be used in conjunction with traditional solar panels or independently to meet the demands of a wide spectrum of energy needs.

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Tensile Solar Structures are lightweight, modular systems that provide shade, shed water and produce solar power. The systems utilize advanced thin film solar panels, and can be customized for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. For more information please visit

As a clean energy start–up, SMIT is constantly performing cutting edge research, working with leading industry partners, and pursuing new partnerships in order to better utilize renewable natural resources.

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First realized as an Industrial Design Thesis project at Pratt Institute in Spring 2005 by CEO Samuel Cabot Cochran, GROW weds thin–film photovoltaics with piezoelectric generators in a hybrid wind and solar energy delivery system.

GROW's modular system of photovoltaic cells and piezoelectric generators that can be layered and printed with with conductive ink easily in a reel–to–reel process. The system is comprised of five–leaf bricks whose component parts can be re–purposed at the end of their life cycle.

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SMIT creates Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology. SMIT is a sustainable design team that offers eco-efficient solutions, education and products for sustainable modern living. SMIT combines green consultancy with sustainable product development to promote sustainability through biomimicry, the principle of basing design on natural forms, functions, and processes.

SMIT is committed to the sustainability of all our pursuits. Our multidisciplinary background and wide range of skill sets allows SMIT to work in many specialized fields that are emerging under the cultural and social umbrella that is sustainability. By actively engaging in education, product & systems design, and a green consultancy over the past 5 years, SMIT has become a recognized pioneer in the sustainable design community. SMIT's design work has been widely exhibited and published, and is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. SMIT is currently developing a number of projects in the USA and abroad with architects and builders that utilize the company's first product, Solar Ivy, on an architectural scale.

Samuel Cabot Cochran

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Design Officer

Samuel Cochran grew up in St. Louis, MO until he attended Northfield Mt. Hermon, graduating in 2001. He then attended Pratt Institute and received his Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design in 2005. While at Pratt Sam's academic work spanned sculpture, furniture, product, and transportation with a focus on innovation through the design process and an understanding of technology's possibilities through systems and objects. Sam's thesis project at Pratt was GROW, a hybrid solar and wind energy creating device that took on the biomimetic form of ivy.

Sam has been the Chief Design Officer at SMIT since 2005, and took over as acting CEO in 2010. In this role he oversees all design, product and manufacturing developments at SMIT with account for their sustainability, profitability and marketability.

Teresita Brigitte Cochran
Chief Marketing Officer

Teresita Cochran was born and reared in St. Louis, MO until she attended Phillips Exeter Academy, graduating in 1993. She then attended the Rhode Island School of Design and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. She received her Masters in Interactive Technology from New York University's Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) in 2005.

Since then, Teresita has worked on business development, fund-raising and marketing as SMIT's Chief Executive Officer in both New York City, NY and Boston, MA. She has been invited to guest speak at various sustainability and business focused events, and has been interviewed for a multitude of magazines and related press for her work with SMIT.

Benjamin Wheeler Howes
Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Architectural Design

Benjamin Howes grew up in Rochester, NY before receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in 2006.

Ben specializes in architectural & systems design at SMIT, and has been the Chief of Architectural Design and a managing member since the company's formation in the winter of 2007.

Rosebud Seed Fund, LLC

Family and friends : Special thanks to all of our family and friends who helped make our prototype of GROW at the MOMA possible.

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)
Special thanks to Jennifer Keller Jackson and Humera Fasihuddin

Pratt Institute Design Incubator
Special thanks to Debera Johnson

Consultants & Contractors:

Debera Johnson
Jamie Allen
Tom Igoe
Kelly Talcott
Ricardo Hollingsworth
Daniel Friedson
Micah Kotch
Diego Portillo
Erik Cooper
Jose Alcala
Jude Heslin-Di Leo
Mori Buster
David Gibbs
Stacie Plassche
Jonathan Lee
Travis Donia
Kevin McElroy
Paul Schwartz
Ross Derrico

Amanda Huffingham
Perta Farinha
Paul Paradiso
Justin Chin
Nicholas Stoker
Danny Alexander
Avani Palkhiwala
Ebbin Martin
Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn
Brian Kerr
Raphael Zollinger

The 10 most recent blog posts are displayed above. For older posts and more information, please visit

The 10 most recent blog posts are displayed above. For older posts and more information, please visit

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